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Welcome to our new and exciting online magazine ‘the beauty agenteurs’. When we first saw Alberto Guardiani’s ‘lipstick’ heel shoes our site ‘the beauty agenteurs’ was born. This iconic image represents everything we love – shoes, lipsticks and a sense of humour. We salute you Alberto and thanks for inspiring us.

thebeautyagenteurs.com is written by agenteurs who are ‘in-the-know’ and will go incognito (or undercover) to bring you interesting stories about the things that we love and find beautiful.

Our magazine is dedicated to all things beautiful so whether you’re a fashion junkie, a beauty addict or a sociable socialite, we hope you visit us regularly to find out the latest news, tips & advice, insights and experiences that we encounter every day.

We’re also going to bring you some fun stuff including day to day experiences that will make you smile.

Plus, to make the content even more enticing we will be inviting Guest Editors to contribute so that we can get diverse opinions from our professional and humorous friends and contacts.

love from

the beauty agenteurs x


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