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Tried & Tested: Hair Keratin Treatment

By beauty agenteur 1 — October 01, 2017

When my trusted hairstylist and amazing colourist Graham Tilley (co-founder of Tilley and Carmichael in Soho) told me about the 72 Keratin Treatment I knew I just had to give it a go.

But, let’s just back track for a minute. Curly hair girl dilemmas include a lot of heat, tears and money spent trying to control the frizz. However, I have tried to re-educate myself somewhat and started to let hair dry naturally or with a fast-absorbing towel like the ones by AQUIS, that absorb water faster than normal cotton towels. As a result, hair is at least 85-90% dry before I start blasting it with heat tools. The results have been really good and my damaged hair has started to feel and look a healthier…well a bit at least anyway. But, the results are short lived, as soon as I go outside, the frizz starts to strike, no matter what the weather. And, by the time I get to my destination, my hair looks just as it did when I first woke up. Argghhh.

I have tried to embrace the curls, believe me I have. But it’s just the look I can pull off confidently without a hairstylist.  Others have suggested a ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ but I’ve heard so many horror stories about smoke coming from hair and an unbearable smell that I totally shied away.

Anyway, so while Graham was masterfully colouring my hair one afternoon, he introduced me to the 72 Keratin Hair Treatment. It’s literally an upgraded Brazilian Blowdry without the badness so you can just enjoy…smooth, silky, shiny hair.

How it works
The innovative 72 Hair smoothing gel treatment uniquely penetrates all hair types and rejuvenates to bring it back to its healthy original state. Frizz is also eliminated which means blow drying time is reduced for up to 12 weeks.

And, it literally does do what it says on the tin. I used to straighten my hair everyday, now I only have to straighten after every wash which for me is about 3 times a week. When I go to the gym, I can exercise for an extra 10mins as getting ready has got a whole lots easier.

For best results…I use the 72 Hair products that enhance the treatment.

The 72 Hair Keratin Treatment is available at Tilley & Carmichael Salon in Soho. For a consultation talk to Graham Tilley on 0207 287 7677



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