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Tried & Tested: Racoon International Hair Extensions

By beauty agenteur 1 — March 10, 2017

A while back I went for a cut and blow dry at Harrods Urban Retreat with the lovely Andrew Barton (you know the celebrity hairstylist off the telly on 10 Years Younger), well anyway him.

While we chatted, I explained that I regretted getting my haircut short when I was in my early 20′s and since then it’s never grown back. He instantly recommended trying out hair extensions by Racoon International. To be honest I was dubious. Remember when bonded hair extensions first came in? Well like most girls, I was super excited and just had to have them. BIG MISTAKE, the glue totally wrecked my hair, they were put in haphazardly and I was always trying to cover the bonds up, they looked lanky and felt so uncomfortable so I vowed never to do it again.

That was until I went into see Graham, Co-Founder at Tilley and Carmichael Hair Salon in the heart of Soho. Graham is a renowned hair colourist and is also an Education Trainer for Racoon International. Unlike some hair stylists who give the hard sell, Graham sat me down for at least an hour to explain everything there is to know about the extensions.  He also assessed my scalp and hair type and went through my lifestyle to determine whether the extensions would be suitable. Graham has literally been there every step of the way and I couldn’t have been in safer hands.

Once I had spoken to Graham I felt more confident and decided to go ahead with the extensions. It’s not a quick process but that’s a good thing, at least you know that care and attention to detail has gone into putting them into place.

Here’s the low down on the hair extensions themselves:
Racoon hair is 100% human Remy. It is root-point correct and cuticle intact, which means that all of the cuticles are present and they are all facing in the same direction so they won’t tangle up. Lesser brands will typically put their hair through an acid trimmer to remove all of the cuticles, which in turn removes 20% of the tension strength, making it weak and dull. They then have to coat it in silicone to make it look shiny again, which begins to deteriorate from the first wash. This is why cheaper hair extensions don’t last very long, whereas Racoon Hair can be worn for at least 6 months and easily up to a year with proper maintenance and aftercare. In fact all of Racoons’ hair extension systems allow the client to re-use the same hair time and time again, making great quality hair extensions a lot more accessible and much more cost effective.

All of Racoons’ Hair Extension systems are specially designed not to damage your own hair when properly applied and maintained – Racoon bonding is a unique resin containing natural substances that breaks down easily with release fluid so it doesn’t damage your hair.

Many brands refer to “keratin bonds”, or “keratin glue”, leading you to believe that they are putting keratin in their hair which is non-damaging, whereas in actual fact this is a glue that simply adheres to keratin that is a substance naturally found in the hair. Think of it like this: There is no paper in paper glue, there is no wood in wood glue, and there is no evidence to suggest that there is any keratin in keratin glue.



Once they were in, I was totally in awe- they looked incredible. Your head does feel weightier but that’s inevitable especially if you have shorter hair. But, for me and most importantly they were put in all the right places and although they took a bit of getting used to, they were no way as uncomfortable as the last ones I had in. Another major plus, is the way Graham blended my own hair with the extensions. He didn’t leave them too long my hair looked fake, instead he created an overall effect that was ‘natural’ and manageable.

I was a bit worried about the aftercare but to make things easier you’re given your own set of Racoon products including shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, serum, soft bristle brush and comb which is really re-assuring.

The first wash was a bit daunting but as long as you wash hair downwards rather than rubbing upwards it’s actually pretty easy. It’s also important to get hair dried quickly as possible so I wrapped around an AQUIS Hair Towel. The towel is made from innovative AQUITEX fabric that wicks away water 7x faster than a regular towel so it dries quickly and safely. I then used a hair dryer on low heat to make sure all the bonds were super dry. To finish, I used T3 hair straighteners – again on low heat, so that it didn’t burn the extensions.  Drying does take longer but of course it will. If you’re an avid gym goer, I recommend factoring in extra hair drying/styling time but other than that, Racoon hair is very manageable and looks amazing.

So my overall thoughts…’Racoon Hair is the Rolls Royce of Hair Extensions’.

If you’re interested in Hair Racoon Extensions I highly recommended going to see the hair genius that is Graham at Tilley and Carmichael in Soho, London for a proper consultation. Racoon Hair have 3 hair extension methods, including the Hot-Bonded, the Micro Weft, and the latest one which is being launched in April called LuxLinks which is dubbed to take the market by storm…

Also, I’d like t thank the lovely Graham for being THE BEST! And, also Racoon International for giving me this opportunity.

For more information on Racoon Hair Extensions click here

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