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The Only Scentsible Option

By beauty agenteur 1 — March 04, 2016

Well it all makes scents…we Brits are embracing the world of home fragrance. Last year sales of scented candles, reed diffusers and other ambient product jumped a healthy 7% and the rise continues.

Apparently over one quarter of British households now see home fragrance as a “usual” purchase or “democratic luxury” adding easy ambience to daily life.

Whether it’s a romantic scent for the bedroom, relaxing for the bathroom or even a semi-masking scent for the kitchen (citrus and mint are the drivers here) we all seem to be going candle crazy and be suffering from diffuser delirium. The days when scented candles were only every purchased as that last minute gift by lazy friends and relatives who had forgotten your birthday, anniversary, to thank you for babysitting their vile children………. are now long since gone and when I receive a candle as a thank you I am certainly more elated than when I get a bottle of wine (is that an age thing? liver gratitude may be the term).  It was Jemima Khan who once stated re receiving candles as gifts  : “A scented candle from someone you’re close to is always offensively unimaginative”………………I must quite like offensively unimaginative people – probably am one.

So below a triple of my choice:

Paris Match
Cire Trudon, founded in 1643 by Claude Trudon was the go to candle maker for the Parisian elite favoured by Louis the 14th.

The oldest and most prestigious still active wax manufacturer in the world it has a store in trendy Chiltern street (near Chiltern Firehouse natch) the first outside France, stocking luxurious, high quality candles and divine rooms sprays.

If you are feeling a bit flush opt for their Abd El Khader luxury scented candle (3kgs)   “inspired by the wind of freedom coming all at once from the Mascara coast and down from the mountains, bringing in its foolish race the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, the hot and peppered air of ginger and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe”. Well what more can one say…………top notes of spearmint, lemon, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger and cloce, middle note of jasmine and  base note of vanilla.

It is £399 but is presented in a hand-blown green glass case with embossed gold crest and attractive presentation box.

This month Chrissie Rucker’s The White Company which last year celebrated its 21st birthday has launched “Lime and Bay” to add to their ever growing assortment of olfactory opulence.

Described as “like stepping into a colourful tropical garden “Lime and Bay is a fusion of exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and lemon with secondary lacing of jasmine buds, lime blossom, ginger and crushed bay leaves and finished with warming notes of patchouli.

Lime & Bay is available in a luxe large candle at £55 (740G and 70 hours burn time), signature size candle £20, diffuser £25, home spray £15 and pack of 12 tealights £15.

Yankee Candles seem to have come out of nowhere and be everywhere. Started in 1969 when 17 year old Mike Kitteredge melted down some wax crayons to make his mother a Christmas present (ahhhh) and ended up selling it to a neighbour for enough money to buy wax for two candles and thus it began. Yankee candles have an almost confusing amount of Jar candles, tea lights, votives and pillars with evocative names such as Christmas Cookie, Baby Powder and Christmas Memories.

I am super intrigued by the Limited Edition Bunny Cake Large Jar Candle launched in time for Easter described as a “sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla, and bright citrus with approx 110 hours of burn time at £21.99.

So there’s no longer an excuse for an Air Wick plug in or a spritz of Febreeze - time to get your scent on!

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