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Blazer Quest

By beauty agenteur 1 — January 23, 2012

So trying to find the ideal blazer is just as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans. I’m looking for something that ultimately fits the body but can be easily translated from day into night.


I do like the tuxedo style blazers especially the Tibi Leather-trimmed satin-twill tuxedo jacket which is available at Net-a-Porter (pictured above) It’s a s real investment piece that I want, want, want and fits all my criteria below.

What I look for in a blazer:

- Fit – it fits, especially on the shoulders
- Shape – it suits the shape of your body
- Length – not too long, not too short
- Material – after all it’s got to feel good on the bod
- Style – it’s got to be trendy

From the high street these are the one’s that get my vote.

1. ASOS Boyfriend Blazer
A single breasted, longline cut jacket with cute contrast polka dot lining. Relaxed boyfriend fit that looks great with trousers and skinny denim jeans.


2. Zara Blazer
So Zara has pitched this as an evening blazer but to be honest I would wear this with jeans and cropped black trousers for the day. My rule: dress up casual pieces with a touch of glam. I love the silhouette of this jacket, it’s structured yet wearable and fitted yet versatile.

3. Marks and Spencers Waterfall Jacket
Ideal for spring/summer this lightweight blazer with waterfall drapes looks great over simple tees teamed with cropped trousers.

4. Topshop Crop back collarless jacket
Think cute summer dresses that need vamping up with a sexy edge. This jacket gives you arm coverage but is cut away at the back to reveal a pert summer butt (get exercising ladies).

5. Whistles Mia blazer
I love this sharp tailored slim cut blazer. It sits on the shoulders perfectly and you can dress up trousers or skinny jeans in an instant.  Made from 96% wool 4% elastane, you know you’re always going to feel good.


(12) Readers Comments

  1. January 24, 2012 at 12:08 am

    I'm torn between the Topshop one and the Whistles one. Classic and simple, I like them both.

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